These are the officers for IFC, they are elected every year, at the end of the fall semester.


Henry Skouby

Beta Sigma Psi

(636) 358-0356 –

  • Represents the Greek community to the entire campus at Missouri S&T
  • Oversees the activities of the Interfraternity Council executive members
  • Acts as the voice of the Interfraternity Council to the individual chapter presidents
  • Chairs all IFC and Greek President meetings
  • Attends numerous meetings with different organizations
  • He oversees this vision, goals, timelines, and schedule of events for all officers and chairmen

Vice President of Programming

Conor Joyce

Kappa Alpha Order


  • Assists the president with his responsibilities
  • Presides for the president in the event of his absence.
  • Oversees all programming committees including, Greek Week, Games, Concerts, Fields, and Out Til’ Midnight
  • Works with all programming committees to ensure they have all the help, guidance and resources they need to carry out their responsibilities

Vice President of Recruitment

Chris Steinbach

Sigma Pi


  • Oversees and manages the Greek recruitment process as it relates to the IFC
  • Assists recruitment coordinators with all their programming events and projects
  • Manages IFC recruitment events such as PRO Days and Go Greek Events and make sure fraternities are following the IFC recruitment guidelines at events
  • Investigates all recruitment violations or issues

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Brendan Kleinbach

Delta Sigma Phi


  • Oversees the scholastic and philanthropic aspects of Greek life
  • Provides new member education for the Interfraternity Council
  • Guides the scholarship and service committees
  • Manages and collects the chapter requirements, ensuring that they met by each chapter governed under the Interfraternity Council
  • Meets with chapters struggling to meet requirements and set goals and objectives to meet them
  • Manages internal affairs with IFC such as monitoring progress and academic success of IFC reps

Vice President of Risk Management

Tyler Goedde

Sigma Nu


  • Keeps Greek community informed about all changes in laws or policies which can affect the way a chapter operates, with specific attention to the social aspect of Greek Life
  • Maintains and enforces Social and Risk Management Policy
  • Co-chairs the Greek Judicial Board
  • Oversees Social Committee and offers advice


Anthony Modica

Delta Tau Delta

(314) 221-4969 –

  •   Oversees all financial aspects of the Interfraternity Council
  •   Manages Sales and Publications committees
  •   Creates the budget each year for IFC
  •   Monitors purchases made by the officers and committee heads to avoid mismanagement of IFC funds


Caleb Lowell

Theta Xi

(636) 248-6037 –

  • Provides minutes for the weekly meeting and keeps attendance
  • Keeps the website up to date at all times
  • Manages the list serve and all Greek rosters
  • Oversees the Awards Banquet, and Public Relations for IFC
  • Oversees social media for IFC and keeps in constant communication with the chapters regarding events and other important information
  • Oversees and updates any changes to IFC Constitution, Bylaws, or Social Policy
  • Manages events calendar and keeps all chapters and Greek councils aware of IFC activities