These are the officers for IFC, they are elected every year, at the end of the fall semester.


Michael Colletti

Beta Sigma Psi

(314) 712-3297  –

  • Represents the Greek community to the entire campus at Missouri S&T
  • Oversees the activities of the Interfraternity Council executive members
  • Acts as the voice of the Interfraternity Council to the individual chapter presidents
  • Chairs all IFC and Greek President meetings
  • Attends numerous meetings with different organizations
  • He oversees this vision, goals, timelines, and schedule of events for all officers and chairmen

Vice President of Programming

Caleb Bogener

Tau Kappa Epsilon

(636) 345-7587 –

  • Assists the president with his responsibilities
  • Presides for the president in the event of his absence.
  • Oversees all programming committees including, Greek Week, Games, Concerts, Fields, and Out Til’ Midnight
  • Works with all programming committees to ensure they have all the help, guidance and resources they need to carry out their responsibilities

Vice President of Recruitment

Kaleb Finn

Delta Tau Delta

(309) 397-9873 –

  • Oversees and manages the Greek recruitment process as it relates to the IFC
  • Assists recruitment coordinators with all their programming events and projects
  • Manages IFC recruitment events such as PRO Days and Go Greek Events and make sure fraternities are following the IFC recruitment guidelines at events
  • Investigates all recruitment violations or issues

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Caden Dik

Theta Xi

(816) 377-6667 –

  • Oversees the scholastic and philanthropic aspects of Greek life
  • Provides new member education for the Interfraternity Council
  • Guides the scholarship and service committees
  • Manages and collects the chapter requirements, ensuring that they met by each chapter governed under the Interfraternity Council
  • Meets with chapters struggling to meet requirements and set goals and objectives to meet them
  • Manages internal affairs with IFC such as monitoring progress and academic success of IFC reps

Vice President of Risk Management

Will Maniscalco

Delta Sigma Phi

(314) 285-4168 –

  • Keeps Greek community informed about all changes in laws or policies which can affect the way a chapter operates, with specific attention to the social aspect of Greek Life
  • Maintains and enforces Social and Risk Management Policy
  • Co-chairs the Greek Judicial Board
  • Oversees Social Committee and offers advice


Braxton Schmedeke

Pi Kappa Alpha

(217) 825-0480 –

  •   Oversees all financial aspects of the Interfraternity Council
  •   Manages Sales and Publications committees
  •   Creates the budget each year for IFC
  •   Monitors purchases made by the officers and committee heads to avoid mismanagement of IFC funds


Vincent Milford

Sigma Pi

(636) 579-5186 –

  • Provides minutes for the weekly meeting and keeps attendance
  • Keeps the website up to date at all times
  • Manages the list serve and all Greek rosters
  • Oversees the Awards Banquet, and Public Relations for IFC
  • Oversees social media for IFC and keeps in constant communication with the chapters regarding events and other important information
  • Oversees and updates any changes to IFC Constitution, Bylaws, or Social Policy
  • Manages events calendar and keeps all chapters and Greek councils aware of IFC activities