Housing Information

Housing Process:

    Once a student has signed a bid card for a fraternity or sorority, it is recorded in the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office. Many of our fraternities and sororities provide university approved housing, while others do not. If the student joins a fraternity or sorority with housing, the student can then begin the move-in process. This usually involves contacting the Office of Residential Life and canceling the student’s housing agreement (there is no financial penalty for students moving into fraternity/sorority housing!)

General information about each chapter houses costs and provided amenities can be found here

Students may move into the fraternity or sorority house when the organization allows – for fraternities this is typically the Friday or Saturday before freshmen Orientation Week. Please check with the specific organization to determine these dates. Many organizations may allow the student to move in sooner.If you have any questions throughout this process, please explore our web site or contact our office directly, via phone at 573/341-4329 or email at greeks@mst.edu.

As an incoming student to Missouri S&T, incoming freshmen students are able to reside in a fraternity or sorority chapter house their first day on campus, as living in these residences fulfills their university approved housing requirement! For women, it is recommended that you participate in formal recruitment – and after becoming a new member of one of our sororities, you will have the option of living in the chapter house, (based on their housing availability).

Fraternities and sororities who provide chapter housing are required to remain in compliance with the City of Rolla fire department, and these reports are sent to the university to record. Fraternities and sororities are also required to maintain a certain grade point average to remain approved housing.Academics sustain fraternities and sororities. There are academic requirements to provide fraternity and sorority housing, and groups found not in compliance will have there housing privileges revoked. Reports for different fraternities and sororities can be found here.

Contact Fraternity & Sorority Life

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